1 Rowanwood Avenue August 22 2018

We are excited to be putting the final touches on our new (and permanent!) Toronto location. Find us 1 Rowanwood Avenue just east off Yonge Street.

We have some gorgeous new lines arriving for the fall including incredible gems by Nikos Koulis, the best cashmere by our favourites Christopher Fischer and Doffer Boys, as well as Sentaler coats. Also in the line up: coveted clutches by Jeffrey Levinson and must have hand bags by Elena Ghisellini.

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We look forward to welcoming you at the new location!

Muskoka 2018 March 13 2018

Augustina Boutique is excited to be returning to the charming town of Port Sandfield for a second summer. After a successful start last year, this summer's edit is even better.

Augustina will yet again stock its Muskoka shelves with a carefully curated collection of the best in cottage summer styles, gems and jewels and fun hostess gifts and accessories.

Expect a mix of breezy, wearable Boho style tops and tunics and covetable accessories from the likes of jewellers Anita Ko and Temple St Clair. New this summer: Shan swimwear and designs by Toronto jeweller Anne Sportum. Beloved coverups by CP Shades and lounge wear from Sweetpants will also be on hand. 

Find us next door to Silverstream Bakery and stay tuned for special shopping events throughout the summer.


High Summer Must Haves! June 29 2016

Finally the weather we all have been patiently waiting for, 30+ degrees of fun in the sun!

Our summer staples are those pieces we don't even have to think twice about. Something that is of course easy and effortless but chic all at the same time.

Here is the round up of a few of our high summer must haves that will serve you well in the city when it is just too hot to bare and can transition as the ultimate get away accessory from beach to cottage!

1. Mar y Sol straw and raffia handbags

Not only are these totes and clutches a delight to look at they are the perfect summer accessory. Jazz up any outfit whether casual or elegant with a bright pop of colour done right. Handmade in Madagascar using only sustainable materials found on the island, these beautiful creations are made with the utmost care by local artisans to sustain them and their families. A stunning bag you can proudly wear supporting a great initiative!

2. Soak Slides - A classic rubber sandal with a twist

Made in Maine USA, these vegan friendly, biodegradable slides come in ever colour under the sun plus the more you wear them the more they mould to the soul of your foot. Can you say tailor made! 

3. Pitusa Kaftans 

2016 IS the summer of colour! Made in Peru, these fabulous kaftans are a unanimous hit. A true one size fits all available long and short with great detailed trims that add stunning contrasts. The perfect loungewear!

4. Solid & Striped Bathing suits

A welcomed change from the norm, one pieces have made a triumphant return. You can still be sexy without revealing too much. The fit and cut of these two styles of one pieces are great for those who need support and hold all while still looking great! Check out a low cut backless one piece and another strappy number - a great line of bathing suits from NYC that is a crowdpleaser amongst all ages 

5. Matta Dupattas 

A cult favourite time and time again we carry them every spring / summer and can't keep them stocked! Versatile is the name of the game with these light, tasselled and vibrant scarves that can all the while double as a shawl and sarong. Easy to wrap up and pack in your handbag for those cooler nights! 

There you have it, our favourite high summer must haves! Can't wait to see what gem's we have trickling in soon for pre-fall -will keep you posted!





Anniversary Sale June 08 2016

We're turning 15 this weekend! As a thank you for 15 great years we are offering 20% off all merchandize - yes even jewelry! Join us for a sale you don't want to miss! 


New Year New Line... January 15 2016

With a new year brings a fresh new slate for exciting transformations and new beginnings here at Augustina. We are very excited to introduce a bespoke concept here in store with the launch of a fabulous new line T K 1 5. These exotic handcrafted ethically sourced python skin bags and shoes come in every colour under the sun. Personalize every detail from the style of bag down to the colour of the monogram ;with lots of different colour options, monogram styles and fun icons to add to your bag. Truthfully, the best part is the exceptionally affordable price point for a piece that is handcrafted, customized and utterly unique - like you!

Stay tuned for more to come in the next few weeks as we eagerly await the arrival of T K 1 5...


They're Baaack! August 26 2015

Making Monday Pretty: Fall Beauty Trends August 24 2015

We know it's hard to believe with the steamy weather we've been having, but fall is fast approaching and our shelves at Augustina are starting to fill up with cashmere and shearling once again. So to start transitioning our brains into fall mode, here is a preview of some of our favourite fall beauty trends that we will certainly start working into our routines asap.

Fresh Flush

This is definitely the first and easiest one to start wearing as we transition to fall. The look is very bare faced with concealer only where you need it, a swipe of mascara and gloss and then a heavy application of blush across the cheeks. You want it to look like you've just stepping in from the cold.

Our product pick: Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee

Graphic Liner

For fall, liner on the runways was anything from a simple flicked cat eye to crazy black smudged and lines surrounding the entire eye area. Since we're pretty sure none of us are walking around with much more than a graphic cat eye we will take our inspiration from there. If you're looking for a more bold look for evening we love the eyeliner look from Chanel on the right.

Our product pick: Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner

Golden Eye

If eyeliner isn't your thing, the other most prominent eye trend was heavy metallics. We spotted some silver but gold was definitely the favourite metal to adorn the eyelids. Whether you want to go simple with a wash of gold shadow across the lid or wild for evening with full on glitter or gemstones is totally up to you.

Our product pick: Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow or ColourPop Eye Shadow in Get Lucky

Vampire Lips

One of our favourite looks for fall (and most dramatic!) is black or almost black lips with an otherwise bare face. We this this will look ultra chis with our new roll neck sweater from New Scotland, leather leggings and Loeffler Randall Carmen boots!

Our product pick: Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in Motorhead or Slayer or Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Guess or LAX - you can't beat the price of these, especially for a shade that you may not wear too often, and they last on the lips forever!

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

The sweater you need... August 19 2015

Making Monday Pretty: How to Make Your Lip Stain Last Forever August 17 2015

In the hot heat of summer, lip stains are the perfect choice as they won't slip and slide around and are often more comfortable than long wearing lipsticks. However, as with all things, between talking, eating and drinking, even stains can disappear throughout the day, so here are a few tips to make them last as long as humanly possible.

1. First things first, you must remember to exfoliate your lips gently with a toothbrush or face towel to remove and flaky skin and keep your application smooth. After exfoliating, apply a thin layer or lip balm or vaseline to your lips, enough to moisturize but not so much that anything you apply overtop won't adhere.

2. Line your lips. Usually lip stains are applied with a lip gloss applicator or your fingers, making application less precise that with a lipstick. Using a lip liner the same colour or slightly lighter than your lip stain, outline your lips and then make sure to really blend it inwards so there will be no demarcation between the liner and stain, and then go ahead with your stain. 

3. Layer it up. If you want the more opaque look of a creamier lipstick, but know it won't last and don't want to have to maintain it, this is your move. Start with an opaque stain and then apply a lipstick or gloss in a similar colour over top, then when that does eventually wear off there will still be colour left behind from the stain.

Bonus tip: You can totally multi task and use your favourite lip stains as a cheek stain!

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

Making Monday Pretty: Covering Pesky Dark Circles August 10 2015

Life is busy, and sometimes life takes precedence over sleep, rest and relaxation. Here are a few tips on how to really get those dark circles covered...without the use of start glitter.
1. Start with an orange coloured concealer. Dark circles have a bluish-purple undertone, and the best way to hide them is by using a colour opposite to them on the colour wheel. If you are fair use a peachy coloured concealer and if you are darker in skin tone go for more of a true orange, our favourite is Bobbi Brown's Corrector.
2. Since orange under eye circles aren't any better than dark ones, follow the orange corrector with foundation which matches your skin exactly. If you don't wear foundation, gently pat concealer over the corrector and blend out at the edges. Choose one that is a creamy consistency as you don't want anything too drying under the eye, our favourite is Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer.
3. If you still feel like your dark circles are peaking through, you can add a very lightweight highlighter over the concealer and at the inner corners of the eyes. We like the classic Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat or the L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer.
4. Set your concealer so it doesn't crease or fade during the day. Using a small soft dome brush (eye shadow brushes work great!) gently apply a thin layer under the eyes. Try not to use too matte of a powder under the eye as again, you don't want anything too drying. We recommend Maybelline Dream Matte Powder which isn't ultra matte even though it is in the name! Another option is to use a matte eyeshadow a shade lighter than your skin tone. 
Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

The time has come... August 05 2015

Making Monday Pretty: Tips to Avoid Split Ends August 03 2015

Whether you have short, medium length or long hair, you want it to look healthy, and the number one way to keep your hair healthy, strong and shiny is to avoid frayed split ends which can give your hair a rough appearance. Here are 5 tips to keeping everything smooth and split free...

1. Brush the right way. For everyday brushing make sure you are using a cushioned paddle brush with flexible bristled that will work with the hair to detangle rather than ripping the hair out. When brushing make sure to start at the ends and gently detangle your way up rather than dragging the brush from root to tip and ending up with a clump of knots at the end. When your hair is wet and at its most fragile, make sure to only use a wide toothed comb.

2. Shampoo the right way. Firstly, don't shampoo every day. If you have oily hair wear it up every other day or invest in some dry shampoo, but try to stretch your shampoos out as long as possible. When you absolutely must wash your hair, never pile it all on top of your head and scrub. Let your hair simply hang down your back and just scrub your scalp, when you rinse the shampoo out that will be enough to cleanse the ends without drying them out.

3. Always condition the ends. If you have oily hair you may not want to condition the hair at your scalp but always, always condition from the mid shaft to the ends to help repair damage and keep the older hair moisturized. If possible, let it sink in for a few minutes before rinsing out and leave just a little bit behind.

4. Towel off gently. Never, ever rub your hair with a towel after the shower. Simply wrap your hair into the towel and gently squeeze out excess water. There are even specific towels made to absorb excess water from your hair for faster air drying time. 

5. Use heat the safest way possible. If you are just blow drying your hair to get it dry and are planning on following up with other hot hair tools after, try to focus the heat on the roots and tops of the hair and let the more damaged ends of your hair dry from the "second hand" heat. When using a straightener, make sure to use a comb or brush to guide the straightener through hair. This helps to avoid straightening your hair into a kink or bend which not only can break the hair but also means you will have to run the straightener over that section of hair another time. When using a curling iron, rather than starting from the ends and curling up, wrap the roots around the wand first and leave the ends off the iron. This not only protects the most damaged areas but also gives a more beach, effortless look to your curls.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!