Behind the Scenes: Our Holiday Photo Shoot

Posted by Hayley French on

We start off our morning by arriving at our photographer Adam's studio (and admiring his "shoe ladder"!), unpacking everything that needs to be photographed and check over our shot list. Oh, and of course by running over to Time Horton's, which is dangerously close by!

And then it's down to business! This is Adam, our very handsome and talented photographer, responsible for all the amazing images on our site. 

Meet Gwen, our beautiful Augustina model who manages to make everything look even better than we could possibly imagine, especially when she's wearing our cozy fur pieces!

And of course, we always manage to squeeze some fun in as well! Jordan, Adam's assistant for the day, immediately fell in love with this fur sweatshirt from Jocelyn and had to give it a try... although he needed a little help. One of our favourite things about shoot days is getting to hang out with Adam's cat, and we think he's pretty fond of us too since we bring him his favourite toy, the famous blue Ikea bags. And of course, everyone deserves a treat at the end of a long off to McDonald's we went!

Look out for lots of new jewellery and holiday items on the site, coming very soon!

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