Making Monday Pretty: How to look well rested...even when you're not!

Posted by Hayley French on

The holidays are here, and as much fun as they are, we also know that it means not a lot of sleep. Here are five tips that are sure to keep you looking bright eyed throughout all the parties and family gatherings!

1. If your skin is feeling a little lifeless, dip a washcloth in a mix of milk and ice cubes, place it on for five minutes and then rinse. The combination of the pH of the milk and the cold from the ice cubes brighten the skin and constrict blood vessels, clearing up any blotchiness.

2. Moiturize! A super rich, hydrating cream will immediately plump up fine, dry lines and make the skin look healthier. Warm up the cream in your hands and massage it into the face gently. To go the extra mile, add some highlighting cream to your moisturizer or follow with an illuminating primer to add back some radiance to dull, tired skin, our favourite is Laura Mercier's Radiance Foundation Primer which imparts a beautiful glory sheen rather than noticeable sparkle.

3. Curl your lashes. It only takes an extra ten seconds pre mascara but it will make the world of difference in waking up tired eyes. Start by squeezing at the base and holding for a few seconds, then repeat halfway up the lash and again closer to the tip.

4. Line your lower lash water line with a nude coloured eyeliner. We find that nude is a more natural looking option than bright white and does a better job at neutralizing redness, our favourite is Tarte's EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener. For extra brightening, pop a bit of champagne coloured shimmer eyeshadow or highlighter at the inner corners of the eyes where shadows tend to be darkest.

5. Wear blush. A little pop of colour on the cheeks brightens your whole face and distracts from any shadows under the eyes. A rosy blush with golden undertones, like the cult favourite Nars blush in Orgasm, will work further to counteract any blue tones in your under eye circles whereas shades that are too orange can make eyes look extra tired. 

We hope these tips help you survive the holidays! 


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