Making Monday Pretty: La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5

Posted by Hayley French on

Let's be honest, even though we try our best, we are not always so easy on our delicate skin and sometimes we need some immediate damage control, enter La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5. This moisturizing and soothing balm feels semi-thick but never heavy and does not leave any sort of white cast on the skin, just a luxurious moisturized, plumped up feel. This cream was specifically created to suit the skincare needs of the whole family (babies, kids and adults!) and the whole body, it's formula enabling skin to recover from damage from the sun, wind, dermatitis and epidermal alterations quickly and resume a comfortable feel. Here's the sciencey part: its highly reparative formula includes Panthenol at 5% and Madecassoside which acts as an anti-inflammatory and collagen synthesizer and its triple-action of copper, zinc and manganese encourages optimal skin recovery while antibacterial agents ensure long-lasting protection. Whatever that all means, we know it works! This time of year, our favourite ways to use it is for chapped lips and dry, red skin around the nose post a cold dry weather induced eczema. Another great use for Cicaplast, in the ongoing fight against aging, if you so choose to undergo any types of lasers or peels this is ultimate recovery balm for red, irritated skin, bringing it back to normal faster than you could ever believe. For less than $20 at most drug stores, you can't go wrong with all the miracle ways to use this product and we wouldn't go a day without ours! Happy Monday!


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