Making Monday Pretty: Hangover Helper

Posted by Hayley French on

...But just in case it is, in fact, a hangover, we have a couple tips to help you hide the tell tale signs and look your best the day after your fourth, fifth or even sixth holiday party in a row!
1. Start the night before. We know you're probably beelining for the bed, but take the extra five minutes to thoroughly wash off your makeup, it will make you feel better in the morning and make your skin look so much better.
2. Sleep with an extra pillow. Sleeping on two pillows with your head slightly elevated will help prevent any extra fluid from accumulating under your eyes and will help prevent puffy eyes.
3. If you still happen to wake up with puffy, dehydrated eyes, apply chilled tea bags on your eyelids for 5 - 10 minutes. If you don't happen to have any chilled tea bags lying around, wet a face towel with cold water and lay it over your face for a few minutes to help constrict blood vessels and reduce puffiness. 
4. When washing your face, use an mild exfoliator to slough off any dead skin cells and help get your skin glowing again and apply a hearty amount of moisturizer as your skin is most likely feeling as dehydrated as you are.
5. Go easy on the concealer. We know it's tempting to just want to cover as much as we can, but less is definitely more as you don't want it to settle into any fine lines which can be exacerbated when your skin is parched. This goes for powder as well, try to use as little as possible, if any.
6. Today is not the day to forget blush and bronzer! Bronzer will impart some life and dimension back into your skin and a pop of pink blush will help you look healthy.
7. If you're still feeling pretty blah, define your eyes with some black mascara and run some nude eyeliner on your bottom lash line, this combo will help counteract any redness around the eyes. Finally, apply a bright lipstick which will add some colour and help distract from from any not-so-perfect areas, we find ones with a pinky tone look the most flattering, this is not the time to try out that super trendy bright orange!
Happy Monday, hope you're all surviving the holidays!

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