Making Monday Pretty: Beauty Resolutions to Make and Keep

Posted by Hayley French on

It's that time of year! We know New Year's resolutions aren't always easy to keep but here are a few (pretty simple!) beauty resolutions to make and that you really should try and keep.
1. Clean your makeup brushes. Not only will your makeup apply better, but cleaning out all the bacteria and build-up will help prevent breakouts and infections. The same goes for makeup sponges, if they are the cheap drugstore kind toss them at least once a week, and if they are a more expensive version like the cult-fave Beauty Blender, wash it along with your brushes at least weekly.
2. Floss. Brushing only cleans 65% of your teeth, floss will do the rest. Besides the health benefits of this, it will help to keep your teeth pearly white and will help any whitening treatments penetrate and work better.
3. Moisturize. And no, we don't just mean your face! In the winter it is especially important to moisturize as your skin dries out so easily from the cold air outside and the heating in buildings. The best time to do this is while your body is still slightly damp after a shower, and we find leaving a bottle of moisturizer in the shower not only reminds us of this step, but makes it super easy to do post towelling off.
4. Don't forget sunscreen...on your hands. A lot of people forget to wear sunscreen at all in the winter months but the sun's UV rays are still just as strong so make sure to apply sunscreen not only to your face and neck but your hands too. This is especially important for people with long commutes that have their hands sitting on a steering wheel for extended periods of time as UV rays can penetrate windshields and although your face may looks great for you age, hands can be a dead giveaway!
5. Get a skin cancer check. It isn't the most fun or glamorous thing on this list, but you should be getting your skin checked at least once a year. If there is anything to catch, getting it early makes the world of difference.
6. Use a heat protectant on your hair. Hair is already dead so once it is damaged there is no repairing it, unless you're dying to try out the new pixie trend! Help stave of the damage of constant flattening and curling with a good heat protectant and you will have to use less products trying to cover up damage and split ends in the future.
7. Clean your phone. Per square inch, your cell phone has more germs than a public restroom toilet, and we don't think you want to be putting your face anywhere near that! Make sure to wipe down your phone with a cotton ball that has a bit of rubbing alcohol on it, not too much as you don't want to soak your phone.
We wish everyone a happy and beautiful new year ahead!

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