The Layered Look

Posted by Rebecca Shrimpton on

We love the look of layered jewellery. From stacked rings to arm parties, is there really such a thing as too much? Yeah, there is, but we're not ones to judge. Here's some tips to help you achieve that perfect layered style.

1. Mix metals. Yellow, rose, and white golds can work together- there's no rule requiring you to stay within the same metal family. Try stacking a set of rings in different tones like Anita Ko's Spike Eternity Bands.

2. Combine delicate pieces. You can create a sweet and pretty layered look with delicate items like a personal charm necklace and a strand of crystal beads- just don't forget to stagger with varying lengths to avoid a tangled look. We love the pairing of Me&Ro's Long Lotus Petal Chain and Anita Ko's Diamond Dagger Pendant.

3. Cuff it. No need for multiple piercings- Anita Ko's Ear Cuff is an easy way to adorn your ears! The cuffs look great paired with a simple stud, but for a more notable look, try pairing with a dramatic piece like Temple St Clair's Foglia Drop Earrings.

4. Pick a simple colour story. With elements like black, gold, and diamonds; the addition of one vibrant colour can create an eye-catching contrast without looking overwhelming. The blue moonstones in Temple St Clair's Single Round Bracelet will pop among gold chains and a neutral watch.

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