Making Monday Pretty: Super Soft Feet

Posted by Hayley French on

Spring is well on it's way (we're hoping...) and that means our feet can finally break free of socks and boots, hooray! However, if you're anything like us, you've been slacking on the TLC our tired feet need and they aren't quite ready for their debut. Follow the below steps and we promise, in your feet will be sandal ready by the end of the week...whether the weather is or not!

1. In the shower when you're feet have softened up a bit, use a pumice stone to buff your heels and any other rough spots.

2. Once out of the shower and after drying your feet, take an acne pad (remember those OXY ones from high school? Yes...we mean those!) and using one per foot, rub them all over the bottoms of your feet, heels and around the toes. You can use any brand but make sure there is at least 2% salicylic acid as this is the ingredient that will break down all the dead, rough skin.

3. Without rinsing, slather your feet in a thick body butter or, our personal favourite, coconut oil, and slip on a pair of socks. We recommend buying a cheap pack that you can reserve specifically for this purpose. Wear the socks while you're getting ready or sleep with them on overnight and within a few days your feet will be soft, smooth and looking beautiful!

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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