Making Monday Pretty: How to Fix a Broken Compact

Posted by Hayley French on

Has this ever happened to you? Cause it sure has to us! Whether you spend $5 on your makeup of $50, you want it to last and a broken compact is just the worst, plain and simple. But, we are happy to say that there is a very simple fix to get that compact looking brand spankin' new again! Here's how:

1. Even if the whole compact isn't broken, crush up the whole thing so that it is closer to a loose powder.

2. Take some alcohol, rubbing alcohol will work but a higher concentration is better, we recommend 70% which is usually available at art supply stores. Using a dropper, add about 10 droppers full of alcohol to the powder, you can adjust the amount depending on the size of the compact, but you want the powder to have a creamy, spongey feel to it. 

3. Using a butter knife or your finger wrapped in plastic wrap, smooth out the powder until it is even.

4. Let the compact dry, preferably over night as you want all the alcohol to evaporate, and once it has, your compact will look exactly as it did pre-break with no change to the colour or texture of the powder!

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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