Making Monday Pretty: How to Fake Bigger Lips

Posted by Hayley French on

Who doesn't want a little extra pout to their lips? But, lets be honest, going the cosmetic surgery route can be a little scary and a lot more pricey. Here are a few tips makeup tricks to make your lips look extra luscious.

1. Start by exfoliating your lips gently with a damp washcloth, a soft toothbrush or, our favourite, some sugar mixed with vaseline.

2. Using a lipliner that is close in colour to your natural lip colour, trace just outside the natural perimeter of your lips. Follow this by filling in your entire lip with the pencil.

3. Take a pale nude or almost white lip pencil and fill in the centre of your top and bottom lip, blend the edges with the lip pencil previously applied on the rest of your lips. This will make the centre appear to be coming forward and to look larger. 

3. Apply a pale champagne shimmery highlighter on top of your cupid's bow. Follow this with a matte bronze or contour shade underneath the middle of your bottom lip to accentuate the shadow created by a pouty lip. 

4. Top your lips with a clear or nude gloss to enhance the overall effect and voila!

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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