Making Monday Pretty: 4 Brow Mistakes You're Most Likely Making

Posted by Hayley French on

Eyebrows, the bigger the better! Although big, bushy, slightly unkempt eyebrows are great, here are a few tips to make sure we continue to look more Cara Delevigne than Groucho Marx.

1. You're only using one brow product. Different products will give different effects, and we find combining three will give the most natural effect. You want a brow pencil to define the shape and structure, a powder for colour, and a brow gel to hold everything in place.

2. You do your brows first. Many people think filling in their eyebrows should be the first step in their beauty regime as it helps frame the face, however, doing your brows before base, blush and bronzer and when you are feeling washed out can result in really overdoing you brows. The best time to fill in those brows is after your face makeup but before any eye makeup.

3.  You start from the outside and work in. This would make sense theoretically, but if you start at the front of the brow it often times looks too heavy. We find it looks more natural to start filling in your brows in the centre where they are naturally darker and denser and work your way to the end. Once that is complete go back and lightly define the front.

4. Your brows are the same colour as your hair. This is only acceptable if you have quite dark hair that is completely one colour, if however you have dark hair with some lighter strands, you should be matching your brows to the lighter areas of your hair. If you are light haired you want to do the opposite, find the darkest lowlight in your hair and match your brow shade to that.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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