Making Monday Pretty: How to Deal with Dirty Hair

Posted by Hayley French on

We all now know that the less you wash your hair, the healthier it will be, and truth be told, hair usually looks better on the second or third day. But when you're in a rush and just don't have time to wash it or trying to push your blow dry that one extra day, here are some tricks to salvaging that dirty mane.

1. Get cozy with dry shampoo. This spray bottle has become our best friend, not only does it dry up any excess oil at the roots, but it gives our hair a textured, lived in look that we can't get enough of. The key to dry shampoo is to spray it on sections around the face and part, let it sit for about 10 minutes to absorb any oil, and then gently tousle or brush your hair. 

2. Half wash. If you just can't get by with dry shampoo, or you have bangs that have gone stringy, just wash the front section of your hair. Simply section off the front area of your hair, tie back the rest and wash in the sink with a pea sized amount of shampoo. Blow dry just this section and your hair will look almost completely fresh in a fraction of the time.

3. Use it to your advantage. Certain hair styles actually look better with dirty hair, for example, beach waves and chignons. For beach waves, use some dry shampoo and a bit of salt spray, scrunch, and go! For a chignon, greasy hair will provide a slicked back, sleek look and also help your style hold longer.

4. Accessorize. If all else fails and you simply don't have time to wash your hair, throw on your favourite hat or try a thick headband or head wrap. 

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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