Making Monday Pretty: Makeup Brushes...What You Need to Know

Posted by Hayley French on

These days, there is a beauty tool for just about everything, and with all the selection available it's easy to get a little bit overwhelmed. Which ones do you really need? Do you really have to wash them that often? And if so, how do you do it? Below are some answers to the hard pressing questions...

1. You don't need every single one in the display. Although it may be fun to own more, if you have to pick and choose, there are only six you need to be ready to create any look. These are, a foundation/concealer brush, a powder brush, a contour brush (can be used for blush too!), a crease brush, a blending brush and an angle brush. 

2. Yes, you need to wash them. Dirty makeup brushed can cause your makeup to look muddy from product buildup, as well as harvest bacteria which can cause break outs and irritation. So to keep everything looking lovely, try to clean them once weekly.

3. But, how to wash them? You don't need a fancy cleanser, our favourite is Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. Simply wet the brush, swirl them into some soap and massage it into the soap and then rinse until the water runs clean. Please remember, never soak your brushes as the water will seep into the handle and loosen the glue holding them together, and always lay them flat to dry, preferably with the bristles laying over the edge of a table to keep their shape in tact.

4. Bristles matter. Brushes are available with either natural or synthetic bristles. Natural bristles tend to be better for powder products as the texture and movement of the hair allows you to pick up product and blend it out easily. Synthetic on the other hand are great for liquid or cream products as they don't have a cuticle and won't trap the product, these work particularly well for more precision application.

5.Size matters too. When buying a brush keep in mind the kind of application and coverage you want, the fluffier and fuller the brush, the softer the application and vice versa.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone! 

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