Making Monday Pretty: Which hair part for which face shape?

Posted by Hayley French on

Middle? Side? Really, really deep side? The best way to choose which part you should go with is to determine your face shape, and then go from there.

Heart Shaped: This face shape is somewhat like an upside down triangle with a more pointed chin and the forehead being the widest part of the face. This face shape works best with a side part to soften the features.

Diamond Shaped: Similar to a heart shaped face but with high, prominent cheekbones, this face shape also works best with a side part to again, soften sometimes severe contours, lucky you!

Square Shaped: This face shape is has straight sides and an angled jawline with a very slight curve and your face is almost as wide as it is long. We recommend a deep side part that begins above the arch of your eyebrow to disguise harsh angles at the jawline.

Round Shaped: Similar to a square shape but with softer angles, curved sides and a rounded chin, this face shape also best suits a deep side part as it will help elongate the face.

Oval Shaped: An oval shaped face has a forehead that is slightly wider than your curved chin and lucky for you, any part will work! 

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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