Making Monday Pretty: How to Fix Nail Woes

Posted by Hayley French on

Brittle, broken and peeling nails... We've all been there at some point. Especially with the popularity of long faux nails these days many of us are in nail recovery mode post gels and acrylics. Below are some tips and tricks to help remedy whatever nail issue you're facing.

Sloooooooooow Growth: This can especially be an issue after having acrylics or gels on your nails and the best way to remedy this is by upping your vitamin intake. Biotin is the key vitamin you want to look for and you will probably notice a difference within a few weeks. 

Hang Nails: These seem to be the most common nail ailment. Although they are annoying, try not to pick at them, as soon as you notice a hang nail moisturize the area and when it is no longer painful, carefully clip it off with a pair of cuticle clippers. The best way to avoid hang nails is to keep your cuticles moisturized and to avoid having them cut too much at the salon. This brings me to my next point...

Ragged Cuticles: The purpose of cuticles is to provide a barrier from water and bacteria, and therefore to keep infections out! Having your cuticles trimmed too much can leave you vulnerable to infection and permanently damage the nail bed. Also keep in mind, when you trim your cuticles, eventually the trim edge frays up leaving you with ragged cuticles and hang nails. Instead of trimming, opt for a cuticle remover cream and gently push the cuticles back, and remember, keep on moisturizing!

Discolouration: This is a common side effect of wearing nail polish for a long period of time or wearing darker red, blue and black shades. An easy fix is to rub some hydrogen peroxide over the nail, and to help prevent this from happening always use a base coat.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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