Making Monday Pretty: Even More Beauty Tips Using Cotton Swabs

Posted by Hayley French on


Q-tips are one of the cheapest beauty tools you can acquire, so we love coming up with even more ways to use them! Below, some more tips and tricks on ways to use these little gems.

1. Scent on the go. It's rare that your perfume will last you all day, and carrying around a full bottle of fragrance in your purse just isn't that practical. However, soak a couple of cotton swabs in your scent of choice and put them in a sealed zip lock bag, voila, perfectly portable perfume!

2. Conceal on the go. Just as with scent, it's not necessarily practical to carry your foundation with around with you. Simply dunk a couple of cotton swabs in your foundation, put into a zip lock and you have ready to go coverage!

3. Keep skin bright. If you suffer from dark spots, rather than spreading your brightening cream all over your skin, use a cotton swab to apply your lotion or cream just to the darkened areas of the skin that you want to lighten. This will be just as effective while using much less product.

4. Nail art tool. Simply pull off the cotton part and you are left with the perfect circle shaped stick to add polka dots to your nail, or use the edge to draw lines.

5. Keep it clean. Many of our favourite lip products and skin creams come in pots rather than tubes, so to keep them germ free, use a cotton swab to get the product out of the jar rather than your fingers.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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