Making Monday Pretty: Tips for Applying False Lashes

Posted by Hayley French on

Okay, so we know you most likely won't be applying lashes anywhere near as crazy as the ones above, but the holidays are coming and nothing will make your eyes pop at all those holiday parties like some falsies. As great as they look, applying them can take a bit of getting used to, so below are some of our top tips to make it easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. First things first, make sure your lashes fit your eye. Everyone's eye is a different shape and size so chances are your lash strip will be too long. Before applying any glue to the lash, hold it against your lash line and snip any excess from the outer end of the lashes. If you need to cut any off it is important to do so from the outer end so the lashes closest to your nose aren't too long.

2. Bend it. Also before applying, gently bend the lashes in a U-shape so that they mimic the shape of the eye as they can be quite straight when you take them out of the package. This will make it much easier for you to line them up against your natural lash line!

3. Blot it. Excess oil can make it hard for the glue to adhere properly so before applying your lashes, either blot your lids with an oil absorbing sheet or apply some mattifying powder. Also, if you plan to re-use your lashes (which you definitely can!) make sure to use an oil free makeup remover when taking them off.

4. Position yourself. The easiest way to apply lashes on yourself is if you place your mirror below your face so you can best see your natural lashes and where the falsies should sit.

5. Wait to ten. Once you've applied your glue to your lashes, if you apply them to your eye immediately they will slip around and take ages to set. We recommend waiting for a few second until the glue is tacky and then sticking them on.

6. Cover it up. Once your lashes are securely in place, take a black shadow on an small liner brush and wiggle it into gaps between your real lashes and your falsies and no one will every know they are there... well, except for your fabulous lashes of course!

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!


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