Making Monday Pretty: Cuticle SOS

Posted by Hayley French on

Healthy cuticles are one of the most important parts of growing and keeping your nails strong as they protect the new cells that build the nails and keep them healthy, strong and looking beautiful! Here are the best ways to keep your cuticles in tip top shape.

1. Never, ever cut. Even when you go get a manicure, ask the manicurist not to trim your cuticles. If you get a hangnail snip only the loose skin so that it doesn't tear and create a cut. Instead, moisturize the cuticle area and gently push back the cuticle with and orange stick or a soft damp washcloth after the shower.

2. Prevention is key. As with all things in life, preventing a problem is easier than fixing it, so try to keep your cuticles and nails protected by wearing rubber gloves when doing household chores and wearing winter gloves when outside to protect from wind and chilly, drying weather.

3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. We really can't say it enough, the key to getting your cuticles healthy and keeping them that way is to keep the skin moisturized so you can prevent damage. We suggest using a rich hand cream religiously throughout the day, especially after hand washing and a cuticle oil at least once or twice a day around the nail area.

Have a beautiful (mani) Monday everyone!

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