Making Monday Pretty: Why You Need a Shower Filter ASAP

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Aside from temperature, we never really gave much thought to the water we were showering in. But while researching different ways to deal with dry, irritated winter skin we noticed more than one beauty expert recommending shower filters. It makes sense, start remedying the issue from the first step an you will have to do less repairing to do, so after hours of research on various kinds of filters, we got our own, and boy are we glad we did! Did you know that the EPA has stated that every household has increased levels of chloroform in the air due to chlorine released from the shower? Don't get us wrong, chlorine serves its purpose by purifying our water, but if you can then filter it back out before stepping under it in the shower, all the better. Most tap (and shower) water contains just as much, if not more chlorine, than most swimming pools, and more chlorine enters the body while showering than by drinking tap water via absorption through the skin and inhalation. Shower water vaporizes at a faster rate than regular water therefore the steam from the shower contains an even higher concentration of chemicals which makes its way into your bloodstream at an even faster rate from breathing it in.  If we haven't scared you into rushing out to buy a shower filter yet, here are a few things excess chlorine in your shower can do...

1. Breathing in chlorine can lead to both asthma and bronchitis and using a filter can help maintain respiratory health.

2. Chlorine can combine with other organic compounds to create THMs Trihalomethanes, which are carcinogens. Showering in chlorine-free water can helps to decrease the risks of bladder and breast cancer. Women suffering from breast cancer are all found to have approximately 50% to 60% more chlorine in their breast tissue than healthy women.

3. It has been suggested that prolonged exposure to chlorine has a role in the development of chronic fatigue syndrome, hardly the effect you're going for with your morning shower!

4. Chlorine has a drying effect on the skin and can lead to premature signs of aging. It strips your skin of it's natural oils and causes it to dry out and crack, which can also leave us susceptible to allergens, and cause rashes like eczema. 

5. You guessed it, if chlorine strips your skin of natural oils, it is also stripping your hair and drying it out every time you step into the shower. Removing chlorine from your shower will not only make your hair feel and look better, if you colour your hair, it will last much longer. Over time, with using a shower filter many women have noticed that they barely need body lotion and hair conditioner.

6. If you have kids, they are particularly at risk of any harmful effects of chlorine inhalation and benefit especially from the removal of chlorine from your shower water.

So, we are assuming by now you can't wait to get your hands on a water filter! We have chosen the Culligan version but here are a few to choose from that all have great reviews and will do the job. Just don't forget to change the filters!

Culligan Wall-Mount Filtered Showerhead

Sprite High Output Filter with Massaging Shower Head

Aquasana Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Showerhead 

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!


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