Making Monday Pretty: The Beauty Blender

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We know the Beauty Blender isn't new, but when these special sponges first came out we weren't sold on them, however, recently we've discovered exactly how to use one and we don't think we can go back. The specially designed, latex-free sponge blends your makeup like no brush can for the most natural, flawless finish you can imagine. Since we didn't know exactly how to use them, keep them clean, etcetera etcetera until recently, we figured you may not either, so here are a few tips and tricks on this magical makeup must-have.

1. ALWAYS use your Beauty Blender damp, this is what helps to blend makeup and give that dewy, natural finish. Before using it, run it under warm water until it is soaked, squeeze out as much excess as you can in the sink and then give it one final squeeze with a paper towel and you are ready to go!

2. Always bounce and roll your Beauty Blender on your face to blend out makeup, never drag it as that will defeat the purpose and not give you flawless blending.

3. Even though you use your Beauty Blender damp, you can use it with powder products. We find using it to apply our loose translucent finishing powder eradicates any cakiness or creping and allows us to set our makeup but keep the glow.

4. You must wash your Beauty Blender every time you use it. This sounds annoying, but it's pretty quick and very necessary, otherwise your sponge will harbour dirt and bacteria and no one wants to put that on their face. To clean it, simple run it under warm water, then apply some soap (we use the Beauty Blender cleanser bar but baby shampoo will work too!) and massage it into the sponge. Rinse out the sponge until you see no soap in the runoff and the water that squeezes out is clear and not filled with makeup, should only take a minute or two!

5. This next one is important... After washing, many people put their damp Beauty Blender in a drawer or closed container, do not do this! Putting a damp sponge in a place where it can't breather will cause it to grow mould. However, the smart people at Beauty Blender designed the case it comes in specially to store your sponge, so make sure not to toss it! When you are done cleaning your sponge simply rest it on top of the container (it will be too big to fit inside since it swells when it is wet) and as the sponge dries and shrinks, it will just fall into the container, so smart. If you are storing your sponge for more than overnight or you are traveling with it, just put the lid on once it has shrunk and you are good to go, the package is designed with little holes so your sponge is protected but can still breathe!

If you take care of your Beauty Blender it will stay clean and not cause any breakouts or irritation and will be good for up to three months, which is when Beauty Blender recommends you replace your sponge.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone, stay warm! 

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