Making Monday Pretty: Great Uses for Disposable Mascara Wands

Posted by Hayley French on

Disposable mascara wands are super easy to find and very affordable, and guess what, great for much more than just mascara! Below are a few surprising uses for these little tools.

1. Lets start with the most obvious, these are perfect for grooming your brows and brushing them out after you have applied pencil or powder to fill them in.

2. Fly aways. If you've got a few pesky baby hairs around your hair line, spray a spoolie with hairspray and then slick them down rather than spraying your entire head.

3. Root touch ups. If you are brave enough to tackle this at home, using a mascara wand makes applying the colour or bleach only to the areas that need it much easier.

4. De-clump your mascara. This is especially handy when your mascara starts to dry out a little and is more prone to clumping. Once you have applied your regular mascara, use the clean spoolie to brush through your lashes and keep them feathery.

5. Cuticle remover. We all know how bad it is to cut our cuticles, our preferred method is to apply some cuticle remover, rub it in and after letting it sit for a minute, scrub your cuticles with the mascara wand. The little bristles will be enough to remove any build up but soft enough not to cut of pull the cuticles.

6. Nail cleaning. Sticking something like an orange stick under the nails can sometimes be too harsh, and the bristles on nail brushes spread too far apart, enter the disposable mascara wand, the perfect little tool to clean under your nails.

7. Lip exfoliation. Gentler than even a soft toothbrush, simply apply some vaseline to your lips, let sit for a moment, and then gently buff away with a clean spoolie.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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