Making Monday Pretty: Linear Nail Art

Posted by Hayley French on

Lately our motto on nail art is less is more. We like a little extra something than your basic painted nail but we want our nails to compliment versus take away from the rest of our spring outfits. Our favourite new nail look is so chic and even better, so simple!

First, simply paint your nails any colour you desire, our favourite is nude, white or black as a base, and then once that has dried thoroughly you are ready to add your stripes. Since we aren't the steadiest, we love how easy and quick nail striping tape is, line up the edge of the tape to one side of your nail, stick it down across, and then snip the other end with a pair of cuticle clippers. We recommend snipping the nail tape slightly shorter than the nail so that the tape doesn't catch and start to peel up. Once you have applied the tape to all 10 nails, cover with top coat and you're all done!

Nail tape is readily available on amazon, our favourite colours to use are silver, gold, white and black for an ultra chic look that goes with everything. 

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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