Making Monday Pretty: Sunscreen Spots Not to Miss

Posted by Hayley French on

With temperatures heating up and our sweaters and coats getting hung up for the season, we have to remember sunscreen on more places than just our faces and hands. So, here is a friendly reminder of a few places that often get overlooked but are just as susceptible to damage.

Scalp: Yes your hair will cover your scalp to an extent, but any exposed areas on your part or hairline can burn easily. A hat is always your best bet but if thats not possible applying a sunscreen or sunscreen will keep burns at bay.

Lips: The lips on your skin is super thin and therefore super susceptible to skin damage, make sure you always have a chapstick with SPF 30 or higher and re apply often as it tends to not last as long on lips due to eating, drinking and licking your lips. 

Feet: Even if you're wearing shoes, the sun hits the tops of your feet and ankles directly and while it isn't good for you, a flip flop tan is also not so cute!

Under straps: If you're slathering on sunscreen after getting dressed, we often apply it around our straps or sleeves and when they move throughout the day unprotected skin gets exposed. Your best bet is to apply your sunscreen before getting dressed, but if not, make sure to move your straps and get underneath too. 

Have a beautiful and sunny Monday!

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