Making Monday Pretty: Beauty Products to Keep in the Fridge June 22 2015

Keeping things in the fridge might not be the most convenient, but we wouldn't dream of not keeping our food in the fridge to keep it fresh, so why wouldn't it be the same for some of our favourite beauty products? Some things it really doesn't make any difference, but below are a few products or ingredients that could benefit from a little deep freeze.

1. Perfume. We get this isn't convenient for a quick spritz before leaving the house, but if you're like some of us and stock pile your favourite fragrance, or reserve certain scents for certain seasons, so make sure to keep the ones you aren't using in the fridge as the cold will keep the scent true for longer. And the scent that you're using currently, please don't keep it in the bathroom, all the heat and steam from your shower can alter the scent and cause it to go off. 

2. Vitamin C. Many anti-aging products contain vitamin C, a potent ingredient to help keep us all looking youthful. Many of these creams and serums can cost a pretty penny and keeping them in the fridge will help keep the ingredients from breaking down and becoming less effective.

3. Nail polish. Keeping your favourite shade in the fridge will help prevent it from getting thick and keep it smooth and much easier to apply. We know some of our nail polish collections are getting quite large, so we just make sure to keep our top 5 shades in the cold.

4. Eye cream. Yes, the fridge will help keep any ingredients and products fresher for longer, but this one is more for the added cooling benefit from keeping your eye cream in the fridge that will help to depuff in the morning.

5. Eyeliner pencil. This won't make your eyeliner last longer, but if you want a really a really sharp point, try sticking it in the freezer for 20 minutes before sharpening for a really defined tip.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!