Making Monday Pretty: Hot Weather Hacks

Posted by Hayley French on

Summer brings heat and fun in the sun, but it can also bring its own set of beauty dilemmas, frizz and self tanner mistakes anyone? Here are some of our favourite hot weather hacks to deal with your summer beauty woes.

1. Use dry shampoo at night. If you know you're pushing it to that second or third day, rather than spritzing your hair with dry shampoo in the morning, do it the night before and tie it up in a loose bun on top of your head. This will give the dry shampoo the whole night to absorb excess oil and when you take out the bun you will be left with soft, subtle waves, and no one will ever know it wasn't freshly styled!

2. Use chamomile tea bags to soothe razor burn. Headed to the beach and forget to get a bikini wax? If you had to shave the area and were left with razor bumps, use chilled chamomile tea bags on the area to soothe and calm.

3. Use olive oil to prevent rust. Keeping your razor in the shower can sometimes result in rusty blades, so after each use simply pour a little bit of olive oil over the blades to keep them new.

4. Messed up your self tanner? Mix baking soda with water into a paste and rub over the blotchy areas to help even everything out. 

Have a beautiful, and sunny, Monday everyone!

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