We're Watching: The Sweetest Thing

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We know this movie is dirty and may be offensive to some, but 2002's The Sweetest thing is so laugh-out-loud funny that we can't help but adore this friendship driven romantic comedy. Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate, and Selma Blair star as three best friends who find themselves entwined in both romantic and sexual misadventures as their own versions of Mr. Right enter their lives. We particularly love Cameron Diaz's wardrobe in this flick,  which brings on a sense of nostalgia for the early 00's when belly tops and chokers were not only acceptable, but fashionable. 

Cristina Walters, played by Cameron, is probably hands-down the funniest pretty-girl you'd ever meet. Her naive optimism, ridiculous dance moves, and laundry day granny panties make the movie what it is- purely hilarious. While we can't offer the same gawdy apparel as Miss Vera's shop in Somerset, we do have playful yet luxe items that we think Cristina would appreciate. 

Cristina Would Love

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