Making Monday Pretty: Winter Hair Help

Posted by Hayley French on

This time of year not only does our skin get dryer, but our hair does too, below are a few helpful hints to keep your locks looking luscious all year round.

1. When cold conditions cause annoying static, rub a Bounce dryer sheet lightly over your hair to remove it instantly.

2. Shampoo less. The pH in the water can cause extra dryness on the scalp and in your hair. Try going an extra day and using dry shampoo instead, our favourite is by Klorane, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

3. Make sure your hairspray doesn't contain alcohol as this can make hair feel dry and brittle. Avoid spraying perfume on your hair as well for the same reasons.

4. Add moisture not only with the products you use but by drinking extra water and using a humidifier.

5. Don't go outside with wet hair, if it freezes at all it will be more likely to break. Protect it from cold and especially wind with a hat and scarf.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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