Weekly Recipe: The Perfect Breakfast

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We know- those are some strong words to say about the most important meal of the day. However, we think we've actually cracked the code on the most ideal breakfast food. Whole grain toast topped with avocado, sriracha, and a sunny side up egg is not only delicious, but totally filling and absolutely nutritious.We served our topped toast with field greens and a hot mug of matcha green tea. This meal is a great way to start your Saturday morning- or any day of the week for that matter. 

Avocado Sriracha Toast 


- 1 Small ripe avocado
- 1 Piece of whole grain bread
- 1 Egg
- Coconut Oil
- Sriracha
- Himalayan pink salt (or regular table salt)
- Black pepper
- 1 Handful of field or mixed greens


- Pop that bread into the toaster
- Fry the egg sunny side up in a teaspoon of coconut oil
- Once the toast has popped, spread 1 teaspoon of coconut oil over it like butter and sprinkle on some pink salt
- Spread half of the ripe avocado over the toast
- Drizzle on your desired amount of Sriracha
- Top with the egg and crack on some black pepper
- Toss a handful of greens onto the plate


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