Making Monday Pretty: How to Fix a Sunburn...Quickly

Posted by Hayley French on

March break has arrived! And for lots of lucky people that means some fun in the sun. But just in case you have a little too much fun, here are a few ways to help heal that sunburn quickly.

1. Aloe Vera. This go-to sunburn remedy is still one of the best! Quick tip, keep it in the fridge for an extra soothing chill when applying it on hot, burnt skin.

2. Cucumber. If you don't have aloe vera, cucumber can work in a pinch. Blend it up (make sure it doesn't get too runny!) and rub this over any burnt areas.

3. Take down inflammation. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever to lessen the pain and reduce inflammation. Cortisone cream applied topically can also help to reduce inflammation when applied lightly to burt areas.

4. Stay cool. Take a cool bathe or shower to take some of the heat out of the burn, but remember not to use any soaps or scrubs that will irritate your delicate skin. Don't be tempted to use ice as this can produce an "ice burn" when applied directly and actually increase the pain. 

5. Green Tea. Add some to your bathe and let the tannin in the tea help relieve the pain and reduce redness. Drinking a cup couldn't hurt either as drinking lots of fluids will help keep skin moisturized and healing faster.

Have a beautiful (and hopefully sunny!) Monday everyone.

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