The Marika Charles Philosophy

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MA+CH is easily recognizable by their beautiful tie-dye effect prints and gorgeous fabrics, whether it be cotton, silk or super soft cashmere. They call their collections "art-focused fashion" as it combines all original studio artwork with contemporary women's clothing that is all made with a conscience. The cotton for their oh-so-popular tee-shirt line is all sourced in the southern United States and knit into cloth in North Carolina, then cut and sewn into blank garments in Pennsylvania and their cashmere sweaters and silks are made to their specifications overseas. The final step for all MA+CH garments is their New York studio where each piece is dyed and printed.
Their patented Phyl-Dye process allows them many advantages over traditional garment dying, such as limited wasted fabric, dye and energy. Because it allows their designers use of the full colour spectrum and total control of patterning, it is responsible for the instantly recognizable look of a MA+CH sweater. A few other ways MA+CH limits waste is by making their own water-based dyes and only in the amount required to dye their garments whole, leaving no scraps of dyed fabric. All this results in a garment that you not only feel great wearing, but feel great about purchasing. 

MA+CH spring sweaters and tees now in store at Augustina.

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