Making Monday Pretty: Meet the Konjac Sponge

Posted by Hayley French on

Asia seems to always be one step ahead of us North Americans in anything skin care, and the newest must-have is the Konjac Sponge. What was once hard to find, is now readily available at Sephora thanks to Boscia and we highly suggest you get your hands on one. Available in the classic white or with bamboo charcoal for more oily and acne prone skin, these rubbery sponges will leave your skin glowing, exfoliated and clearer. Made from 100% Asian Konjac Root, the fibres of this sponge balance oil, stimulate blood flow and exfoliate gently due to their slightly rough texture. 

When you first purchase your Konjac sponge it will be very hard. We recommend soaking it in warm water until it is fully soft which can take up to 15 minutes the first time, then applying a small amount of cleanser to the sponge and buffing the skin, you will be amazed at how soft and clean your skin will feel after. The sponge dries quickly which prevents it from harvesting bacteria while wet, simply hang it from the small attached string and it will be ready for you next use. It is however recommended to replace your sponge once a month. 

We certainly can't get enough of ours and love the way it makes our skin feel, especially the charcoal version in the summer humidity! Boscia Original Konjac Sponge available here, and the charcoal version available here.

Have a beautiful Monday everyone!

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