Mani Monday: Stud Nails

Posted by Hayley French on

This week we were inspired by one of our new fall pieces, the Winnie Clutch from Lauren Merkin! We loved the subtle gold studs on the bottom half and knew it would make an ultra chic nail. Here's how we did it!

1. After applying a base coat, apply your first coat of black nail polish. Here we used Licorice by Essie which you can purchase here.

2. Once you have let the first coat dry for a minute, apply your second coat of black nail polish to the first nail.

3. Before moving onto any other nails and while the polish is still wet, apply your gold or silver studs. We wanted them to be very small so we used bullion beads which we got here. To place them you can use tweezers, the end of an eraser, or the slightly dampened end of an orange stick. They look great placed haphazardly or in a grid like we did here.

4. Repeat this process on the rest of your nails.

5. Apply a slightly thicker top coat which will really seal in the bullion beads, we love Seche Vite which can be purchased here.

Enjoy your beautiful nails!

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