Mani Monday: Gold Foil Nails

Posted by Hayley French on

This weeks Mani Monday is inspired by the beautifully rich leather on our new gold Paige clutch! This piece is a perfect addition to all of fall's jewel tones and we couldn't help but want it on our nails as well. Here's how we did it!

1. Apply basecoat and paint your nails with two thin coats of black nail polish, here we used Essie in Licorice which you can purchase here.

2. Once the black nail polish has dried completely it is time to apply your foil! First, paint a thin layer of the Transfer Foil Adhesive onto each of your nails and let it dry, about 10 minutes, as you want it to be tacky and not wet.

3. After 10 minutes has passed, cut your nail foil into strips that will cover your nail, and one nail at a time, place the strip on top of your nail gently (make sure the pattern is facing up!). Then, take an orange stick or cuticle pusher and press the foil onto your nail, you will see it separate from the plastic and transfer onto the nail bed Then, simply peel off the plastic that is left and voila! Both the Transfer Foil Adhesive and the nail foil can be purchased here, and for this mani we used the Roman Marble foil.

4. After you have completed this process on all ten nails, apply a top coat. When using nail foils, do not use a quick dry top coat as it can cause the foils to wrinkle, for this mani we used Glosser Super High-Shine Topcoat by Orly which can be purchased here.

Enjoy your beautiful gold foil nails!

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