We're Watching: Romeo and Juliet

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Baz Luhrmann's 1996 adaptation of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet will forever be a heart melting modern day classic. Starring a very good-looking Leonardo DiCaprio alongside an equally youthful Claire Danes, this romantic drama set in Verona Beach is very capable of shaking you to your core even seventeen years after you first watched it. A dreamy soundtrack, gritty settings and passionate performances paint the picture of hope, despair, tragedy and love; Romeo and Juliet's most prominent messages. We just love rooting for a good old fashion love story- OK, and we don't mind swooning over a twenty-something year old Leo either. 

Juliet, a Capulet, is the epitome of beauty and grace. Young and in love, she fights for her right to be with her Romeo. Her bravery and devotion ultimately leads to her demise, but we can't blame her. All we can say is that a beautiful girl deserves beautiful things...

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