Mani Monday: Rose Gold Sparkle Nails

Posted by Hayley French on

This week we wanted to bring a little sparkle to this rainy Monday and felt inspired by our beautiful new crystal clutches from Serpui Marie. Here's how we did it!

1. After applying base coat, apply two coats of your favourite nude. Here we used Topless and Barefoot by Essie as it has a creamy pink undertone that looks beautiful with the rose gold glitter, and you can find it here.

2. One nail at a time apply a topcoat and while it is still wet, use a toothpick or orange stick to pick up your glitter and stick around the edge of your nail one at a time. Don't worry, this goes much faster than you think! If your top coat starts to dry and the glitter isn't sticking, just apply a little bit more to the edge where you need. For this mani we used the Martha Stewart Hexagonal Glitter from Michaels, which you can find here, but any glitter will work as long as it isn't too small.

3. Once all your nails are done apply another coat of topcoat over the glitter and voila, your beautiful yet subtle sparkly nails are complete!

Rose Gold Swarovski Crystal Clutch from Serpui Marie available in store, $250. Also available in yellow gold, silver and black.

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