Mani Monday: Velvet Fall Nails

Posted by Hayley French on

This week we were inspired by all the luxe fabrics that the fall season brings and thought we would add them to our nails as well! For this look we used the amazing Ciaté Velvet Manicure set in Berry Poncho, available here, which is so easy and looks so great! If you don't want to purchase the kit, you can also use any colour flocking powder from your closest craft store. Here's how to do it!

1. After applying base coat, paint all ten nails with the first coat of your colour. 

2. One at a time, paint the second coat of your colour and while the polish is still dry, tap the velvet powder over your nails. Make sure to do this over the tray they provide in the kit, or a tupperware or small plate so the powder doesn't get everywhere! Also, make sure to really cover the nail and apply lots of the powder, you can wipe off any excess later.

3. Once all ten fingers are complete, go back and using the small brush provided (or a small paint brush/makeup brush) gently dust off the excess powder from each nail.

Remember, this look does not require top coat as it will ruin the fuzzy finish! And don't worry about getting your nails wet as they will dry just like a fabric. Enjoy!

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