We're Watching: The Virgin Suicides

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Sofia Coppola's beautiful adaptation of Jeffery Eugenide's debut novel The Virgin Suicides is as romantic as it is tragic. Set in a sleepy suburb of Detroit in the 1970's, this 1999 drama centers around five mysterious sisters with whom the neighbourhood boys are obsessed. The initial suicide of the youngest sibling causes the girls very religious parents to impose upon them a very strict set of rules. Isolation and depression set in for the sheltered Lisbon sisters as they seek distraction from their confinement. 

Lux Lisbon, played by Kirsten Dunst, is young, reckless, and rebellious. A secret romance with heartthrob Trip Fontaine (many of you may recognize him as our 90's crush Josh Hartnett) ends with Lux waking up alone on the football field of her highschool the morning after she was crowned Homecoming Queen. Breaking curfew is the least of her parents concerns when she repeatedly escapes loneliness with anonymous encounters on the roof above her bedroom. Bad girls do it well...

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