We're Watching: Hocus Pocus

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Halloween movie marathons are typical for this time of year and we have lots of spooky favourites. That said, our top ranking Halloween flick is 1993's Hocus Pocus and we're pretty sure many of you will agree! Sarah Jessica Parker plays Sarah Sanderson, one third of the Sanderson witch sisters who are resurrected on All Hallows Eve- 300 years after their last stint on earth.They like to absorb the "life force" of children to maintain their youth and their absolute evilness is very entertaining to observe because they're not exactly the most tact. There's a reason we all loved this Disney creation in our childhood.

Sarah Sanderson is hilarious as the typical blonde archetype of the threesome. She repeats everything that is said constantly as she dances, relentlessly flirts with men, and sings entrancing siren songs to lure her prey. Her wardrobe is pretty magical, though, and she does have a solid mantra: "I am BEAUTIFUL. Boys will love me..."

Sarah Would Love

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