Mani Monday: Chic Halloween Nails

Posted by Hayley French on

We know Halloween is mostly for the kids, but we want to get in on the fun too, in a chic way of course! And what better way is there to have some Halloween fun than with our nails? We found these Xplosive Top Coats from Sephora and thought they were just perfect to give a subtle Halloween vibe to our tips this week. We chose to layer the Chaotic shade, with white and black glitter over a subtle nude polish, but if you wanted to go a bit more Halloween themed you could layer this top coat over orange, or use the Bombshell shade, which has black, white and orange glitter pre mixed together! All the new Xplosive Top Coats are available here on Sephora's website or in their stores. 

Another tip, if you're taking the little ones out trick or treating this Thursday evening and want to stay cozy warm, look great and get in on the Halloween spirit, why not pick up one of our Eugenia Kim Felix hats with playful cat ears! Available here.

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