Making Monday Pretty: Travel Beauty Tips

Posted by Hayley French on

If you're lucky enough to be hopping on a plane and escaping this not-so-festive weather, here are a couple tips for surviving the flight looking just as fresh faced as when you boarded!
1. We know most of us won't want to travel bare faced, and whether you feel like removing your makeup once you're in flight or not, we love facial mists for rejuvenating our skin and keeping it hydrated. These are especially great if you want to re-hydrate without disrupting your makeup.
2. Jojoba oil is inexpensive and natural, and it is the oil that most closely mimics the natural oils produced by our skin. Using this oil packs a double punch, it hydrates and it also helps prevent skin from producing excess oil as it believes it is already on the skin, which helps reduce the chances of breakouts.
3. Arriving at your hotel with a sunny beach view, opening your makeup bag and finding that your favourite powder blush, bronzer and eyeshadows have broken is not a fun start to any vacation. Prevent this from happening by placing a cotton ball or cotton pad (whichever fits better) in your compact between the powder and the lid before packing to provide some cushioning. Another great tip - stick some tape over the little holes in your loose powder or mineral foundation so you don't arrive with a huge mess!
4.Bring a do-it-all moisture stick like Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick which is not only a great moisturizer for chapped lips, but also great for cuticles and any other dry patches, perfect to keep in your carry-on!
We hope you all have safe flights and amazing vacations!

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